S-STEM Seminar Course

In order to participate in the S-STEM scholarship program at MSU you'll need to be enrolled in the one credit hour seminar course each semester you receive a scholarship.  

The seminar will meet once a week to discuss research, internships, employment, and study skills.  Faculty and practitioners from each major will be brought in to the seminar to discuss current affairs and local concerns of each field.

Students are required to volunteer for 4 hours and attendance is part of the grade.

  • Spring 2018:  IDS 118 (CRN 37612) Meets Thursday at 5:00 - 5:50 in Kemper Hall room 0102.  Enrollment is by permission only, so if you can't get in I might not have added you correctly.
    • 1/18/2018 Dr. Matthew Pierson, MSU
      1/25/2018 Dr. David Cornelison, MSU
      2/1/2018 Wade Drossel, Sho-Me Power
      2/8/2018 Dr. Tammy Jahnke, MSU
      2/15/2018 Dr. Ken Vollmar, MSU
      3/8/2018 Ryan Budd, US Corp of Eng
      3/15/2018 Springbreak
      3/22/2018 Darren Juranas, CJW
      3/29/2018 Fall Holiday
      4/5/2018 Warren Brooks, City Utilities
      4/12/2018 Dr. Anthony Clark, MSU
  • Fall 2017 Speakers:
    • Matthew Pierson 8/24/2017
      Jeff Bertholdi 8/31/2017
      Stephanie and Kelly O'connor and Laurie 9/7/2017
      Steven Senger 9/14/2017
      Jacob Anderson 9/21/2017
      Douglas Carroll 9/28/2017
      Matthew Pierson 10/5/2017
      Jason  Saliba 10/19/2017
      Seth Findley 10/26/2017
      Emmett Redd 11/2/2017
      Shannon McMurtrey 11/9/2017
  • Spring 2017 Speakers; Phil Harris, City Utilities of Springfield, Darren Juranas and Nic Arens of GeoEngineers, Jason Saliba of City of Springfield, Wade Drossel of Shome Power, Casey Haynes of City Utilities of Springfield, Jason Williams of Miller Engineering, Nyssa Brockhoff of Malone Finkle Eckhardt and Collins, Kim Brown of City of Springfield, Lloyd Smith of Missouri State University, and Ken Vollmar of MSU.
  • Fall 2016 Speakers; Colten Harris, City of Springfield, Dean Jahnke, MSU, Dr. Cornelison, MSU, Charlie Armstrong, NASA, Dr. Bray, MSU, Dr. Obafemi-Ajayi, MSU, Dr. Iqbal, MSU, Dr. Clark, MSU, and Chris Hill, City Utilities of Springfield.