S-STEM Scholarship Application

To apply for the S-STEM Scholarship, you must complete the following steps no later than June 6:

  1. Submit the S-STEM Scholarship Application below;
  2. Be admitted as a Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics major at Missouri State University;
  3. Have a completed FAFSA (fafsa.gov) on file for the upcoming academic year; and,
  4. Have a letter of reference(s) emailed to Dr. Matthew Pierson at MatthewPierson@missouristate.edu. This step is optional, but highly encouraged, and should be emailed directly from the person(s) writing the letter.

Note:  Additional scholarship funding may cause an adjustment to a load you may have been offered.  If an adjustment is necessary, the Finacial Aid Office will notify you of the change via email.

General information

Before completing the online application, we recommend that you review the required information in advance, as you must complete the application in one sitting.

Are you a transfer student:
Involvement in organizations/community service

List organizations to which you belong, as well as community service you have performed. Include any offices held (if applicable) and appropriate dates. Please list:

  • Organization name/community service
  • Dates of membership
  • Offices held (dates in office)

Separate information by commas. Create a new line for each entry.


Robotics club: Sept. 2013 - present (Vice President: Sept 2013 - May 2014, President: Sept. 2014 - present)
Student Council: April 2013 - April 2015 (Treasurer: April 2014 - April 2015)

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Awards, honors and work experience

List awards and honors you have received. Create a new line for each entry.

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 Include job shadow, internships, research, or other technical experiences.


Please provide a two- to three-paragraph essay expressing your personal goals in your declared major.

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